Our passion has always been, "creating safe workplaces". We provide comprehensive workplace safety solutions; starting from your safety audits, gap analysis and workplace skills plans. We aim to place our clients right at the top of the safety corporate culture ladder. Occupational health and safety also seeks to empower employees, to know their bounds within workplace operations.

Our courses and training programmes, which are unit standard aligned are designed to equip qnd empower employees to do thier work better. A safe workplace boosts employee morale. A happy employee, is a productive employee.

Our facilitators, assessors, moderators and auditors are dedicated, with workplace experince. They strive to represent our values, our ethics and the principles by which we actively strive to be the giant in occupational health, safety, risk management and legal compliance needs.

our safety management system, "The Safety Manager" is a complete programme that is your comprehensive safety management system. Its every safety officer's assistant. Its customized in such a way that its interactive and easy to use. Also comes with instruction books.


  • Edmond Hlalele

    Posted: 4 days ago

    You are so right because OHS Act 85 of 1993 GSR 3(4)(d), requires that in ALL workplaces a sufficient number of employees should be trained and certified in first aid by organizations approved by the Chief Inspector DoL.

  • Bridget Ntuli

    Saturday,April 16 2014 5:00PM

    Health and Safety Service delivery that provide a total risk solution. Safety comes first and Safety matters

  • Tebogo Monama

    Wednesday,April 20 2016 2:00PM

    Neatly dressed, professional, friendliest, coolest, facilitator.On point information, easy to understand content. i was 100% impressed may you keep the good work up #imtcyouarethebest

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